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Read what past clients have said about the images we collaborated on.

Tamara MacFarlane

"I knew David as publishing insider so was quite surprised when he suddenly started taking photography seriously. I hate overly formal shots and have struggled to find a head shot (I’m a writer and often talk on panels and give interviews) that really works for me so the first picture that David took was a sporadic snap at an event that we were both attending. I use this image in both colour and black and white have booked him for another updated head shot later this year. I realise he now works with “proper“ cameras but I asked him to photograph my Wedding in 2018 using an iPhone as I wanted something very informal but with certain requirements so that all the people I love were included but felt at ease. I also wanted all the images in black & white which he was happy to do. He created a great sharing file so I could pick which ones I wanted printed but I could also have access to images as they came in. David’s always on time and extremely professional and I loved the results. Thank you David!"

Niki Segnit

"I asked David to take an author’s photo that I could use for promotional purposes and I was really pleased with this portrait. I like the composition. It shows my zinc-topped table, where I knead bread and write books. There’s the children’s paintings on the fridge. I look comfortable and I recognise myself. In my experience, that’s not easily achieved."

Lisa Shakespeare PR

I’m very pleased with David’s work. He has an innate understanding of how to take authentic photos at a busy event, and has a lovely manner while doing so. The photos met the brief, were a superb record of a great evening at The Conduit Club, and my client and I were delighted.

Roberto Cappellino

I met David via Instagram when I was looking for inspiration for how to present my upcoming album and release campaign. I was immediately drawn to David’s composition and eye for capturing the essence in his photography. David worked on quite a diverse range of shots for the project; from standard portrait, to more brutalist architecture, demonstrating his flexibility and willingness to try new things and develop his repertoire. I was really proud of the results, which were showcased in a residency curated by David at Watford museum. I’m really glad I met David and got to work with him, and would recommend him to anyone. He is, to put it mildly, the shit!

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